Thursday, 9 April 2015

# 4 Take a trip to Disney

It's no secret to most people that I'm a big fan of Disneyland Paris. We first visited in 2011 (Phil's idea. I wanted to wait for the "real thing" in Florida) and as soon as we arrived I was hooked and have returned, well, a number of times since then.

So, I couldn't go through the whole of my 40th birthday year without fitting in a trip somewhere. I had bought annual passes for me and E for our trip in May last year so it made sense to book a trip during the Easter holidays before they expired.

After a shopping and cinema trip to Bluewater the day before, we caught the direct Eurostar to Disneyland Paris on Tuesday 7th April where, after several weeks of chilly spring weather, we were greeted by bright blue skies and warm sunshine.

We stayed, for the first time, at the Cars-themed Santa Fe hotel, one of the most basic hotels onsite and a relative bargain thanks to my annual pass discount.

The next few days were filled with lots of rides...

Lots of food and drink...

And lots more sun!

All in all it was a fantastic trip. Next year - Florida!

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