Monday, 1 June 2015

# 11 Take part in the Curiosity Project

This is something I spotted on Facebook a year or two ago but didn't get the chance to join so I was pleased to see that they were looking for new participants this year. It's a simple idea - send someone a box of, well, anything really, and they send you one in return. I decided to use a foodie theme for my box and sent the following:

* 10 postcards with pictures of old recipe books on them
* 10 postcards I had made with some of my favourite food photos with the recipes on the back
* 3 notebooks
* 2 small candles
* 1 mystery food gadget (can you guess what it is?)
* The box (which are supposed to be interesting if possible) originally contained some biscuits from Barter Books in Alnwick, one of the best book shops in the world!

A week or so later I received my parcel and was very excited to discover what was inside. The box itself was wrapped in brown paper with my name and address printed on the front.

Inside there was a biscuit tin (a good start!) containing a number of parcels wrapped in more brown paper and tied up with string.

Inside were lots of lovely goodies...

* 2 small pie tins
* a small rolling pin
* a pastry brush
* a pack of mini cake doilies
* a funny tea towel
* a small notebook
* three colourful decorations

Also enclosed was a lovely letter on a hand-made card from the sender explaining that her box had been inspired by her Grandmother who loved to cook.

All in all this was a fun project to take part in and hopefully I'll get the chance to join in again at some point in the future.

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