Sunday, 28 June 2015

# 15 Raise money for charity

This one is self-explanatory really but it's not something I've done a great deal of in the past so thought it would be a good thing to add to my list.

Taking part in a couple of charity events seemed like the best option so earlier in the year I signed up for the Cancer Research 5k Race for Life (running a 5k was also on the list this year - see post # 7) and for the Jersey Island Walk (also on the list - see post # 14)both of which took place within a week of each other.

The Race for Life was a great event with around 2000 people taking part in the 5k race. Although it was quite a warm day it wasn't too sunny and we even had a bit of rain to cool us down. I managed to get round in 41 minutes - not too bad really. I also stayed on for the afternoon to help out with the 10k race (see post # 16).

I was hoping to raise around £100 to £150 and I'm very pleased that I've managed to beat that target. Overall I raised £145.80 for Race for Life and £40 for the Island Walk, which gives me a total of £185.80!

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