Thursday, 1 October 2015

# 25 Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum

This is another place I've never got around to visiting until this year. Our trip to Buckingham Palace was booked for the afternoon of Saturday 12 September for some time and about a week beforehand I decided that I might as well make good use of the morning and tick another item off the list. E is developing an interest in art and design so I persuaded her to join me while P & T found something else to do that didn't involve "looking at wallpaper".

Well, yes, there was some wallpaper there but there were lots of other things too. No, it wasn't all especially exciting, but there is a huge amount to see and we found lots of things to look at. We particularly liked the huge jewellery collection and had fun trying on some of the historical clothing (don't worry, we were allowed to).

More than anything, though, it's a really lovely building and a great place to get lost in. Compared to the busyness of the Natural History Museum next door it was very peaceful, especially in the some of the furthest reaches of the building, and a lovely place to just wander around.

Special mention also goes to the cafe which had a lovely selection of food and will be my first choice if I happen to be in the area again in the future. There were several different sections serving hot dishes, sandwich, deli items and cakes and there was plenty of seating.

The courtyard outside is also a lovely spot on a sunny day.

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