Friday, 13 November 2015

# 31 Visit the Cutty Sark

This is the last on the list of places to visit and I managed to fit it just after the clocks changed on a lovely sunny Sunday morning at the end of October. P, E & T decided not to come with me ("too boring"!) so I enjoyed a relaxing solitary trip down to Greenwich, parking at Stratford and using the DLR for the rest of the journey.

The route round the ship begins in the lower hold, where hundreds of tea chests were stored (later replaced by wool apparently).

We were then directed up to further displays of ship-related artifacts to look at on the middle deck before returning outside and onto the main deck (I'm sure there are official technical terms for these!). This was probably the most interesting bit as you can nose around the sailors' sleeping quarters and work rooms and the area for the senior officers and captain.

Sailors' sleeping quarters


I had heard about the work done to the ship since the fire several years ago and was looking forward to seeing the space they had created underneath it. The ship has been deliberately raised off the ground to help preserve it resulting in a large open space with a café at one end and more facts and figures about the history of the ship.

There was also a very impressive collection of ship figureheads at one end!

All in all a very successful trip, rounded off with a sandwich from the Jamie Oliver deli in Greenwich and shopping in Stratford.

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