Thursday, 31 December 2015

# 33 See a Iive band

This one is probably going to win the award for most unexpectedly brilliant evening.

At the beginning of the year I knew that seeing a live band had to be included on the list, however at the time I had no idea who that would be. Fast forward a few months and I heard on the radio that Bellowhead had announced the dates for their farewell tour so, based on the fact that I really liked one of their songs, that Bury St Edmunds was included in the tour and Chris Evans on Radio 2 saying that they were an amazing band to see live, I impulsively bought a ticket.

A few more months later and on a dark Monday evening in November I wasn't feeling overly enthusiastic about going out to see a band I wasn't sure I'd like, although I had bought one of their CDs which was good, but more folky than I'd usually go for. I definitely made the right choice though as they were A.MA.ZING! As always, live music is a thousand times better than listening to it on a CD and this was no exception. It was also great to see them at a small venue where I was just feet from the stage, rather than squinting at big screens across a huge auditorium.

(scuse the terrible photos)

The only downside is that I didn't discover them years ago and only discovered how fab they on their farewell tour! There's a good chance that this evening will be one the top 3 events of the year.

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