Saturday, 5 March 2016

# 36 Cook Roast Beef

This is another nice easy one. I'd never cooked roast beef before. Although I've thought about it a number of times I'd just never got round to it.

It turned out really well and was very easy so I'll definitely being doing it again. Everything worked out really well, especially the gravy which was lush, although most of the credit there probably belongs to the stock pot concentrate thingy I threw into the pan juices along with a splash of port left over from Christmas. I also used some leftover goose fat for the roast potatoes which pretty much always guarantees a great result. The only downside were the yorkshire puddings which turned out depressingly sad and flat (didn't heat up the pan enough). Still, they tasted ok so they weren't a complete disaster. (another attempt a few weeks later was much more successful).

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