Sunday, 13 March 2016

# 39 Make a CD/playlist of the year

I should think that most people who grew up during the 80s, when cassette tapes were the high point of technology, have fond memories of making mix tapes and compilations of favourites songs, back in the days when the Sunday afternoon top 40 was our version of iTunes. Those days are long gone but every year I still start off with a plan to download and make playlists of songs I like and every year I never quite manage to do it.

So making a compilation of songs from 2015/16 was on the list and I began to accumulate a selection. In the end, though, there was only one CD of the year...

Starting with Roll the Woodpile Down, another running song (see below) that was played on repeat through the spring, through to seeing them live in November and again in January at Maida Vale studios, Bellowhead unexpectedly ended up providing the backing track for the year.

Having said that, there are some honourable mentions that should also be included for the record though (no judgements please)...

1) Shake it off, Taylor Swift - this song is perfect to run to and was with me as I worked my way up to the 5k I just about managed to complete in the summer. It will always remind me of morning runs around Ickworth Park

2) All about that bass, Megan Traynor - like I said, no judgements. When I spent the day at Nowton Park running the 5k in the morning and then volunteering in the afternoon they had a selection of songs that they played on a constant loop. This was one of them and now it always reminds me of that day.

3) Joy, Will Young - we watched Will Young sing this at Carfest in the summer. Such a great day.

4) Fireflies, Owl City - after our trip to the Ecrehous in August my brother in law made a CD of the movie footage he'd taken. One of the backing tracks he added was the instrumental version of this song, little knowing, I assume, that it is one of my favourites. Now one of my favourite songs will be forever associated with one of my favourite days

5) Rattle that Lock, David Gilmour - anyone who has spent any time in a French train station will understand why this song makes me think of the trip P & I took to Lyon. Even more so because there was an poster for the album right next to us as we queued for the Eurostar.

6) Detectorists theme tune, Johnny Flynn - not directly related to the list but this is the theme tune to one of P & I's favourite TV show, the second series of which was released last year. This is pretty much the musical equivalent of valium 

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