Thursday, 14 May 2015

# 9 Take a Photography Course

About five years ago I bought myself a lovely DSLR camera to help me improve my food photography for my blog. I've taken some reasonable photos with it but without any real idea about how it all works.

So I finally booked myself on to a Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography course at the West Suffolk College which started on 16 April and ran for five weeks. It's been years since I did an evening class and it was great to spend a few weeks learning something new.

It was a really good course with lots of hands-on practice. In particular, the week focusing on Photoshop, which I wasn't that excited about, was really useful and now I need to get myself a copy!

I finally, just about, understand the ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed triangle and, while I've still got a lot of practising to do, the course was a brilliant starting point.

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