Saturday, 9 May 2015

# 8 See a Comedy Show

Several months ago I discovered that Dylan Moran was visiting the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds so, being a fan of Black Books and having seen some of his previous stand up shows on TV, booked myself a seat. If you haven't seen Black Books you might have seen him in Shaun of the Dead or Notting Hill, as the would-be shoplifter in the bookshop.

Thanks to google for the image
It was a really good show and, although not known for his cheery outlook ("sardonic observational comedy" is the quote from google) it was still very funny for the most part (don't ask me for any examples, you had to be there).

I also had the pleasure of enjoying the show in the comfort and plush surroundings of the Theatre Royal where I had a nice box seat with a good view of the stage and the screen at the back showing a selection of Dylan's interesting and unusual art work (example can be found on his website if you're really interested)!

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