Sunday, 4 October 2015

# 28 Ride a Segway

This was something I was hoping to do earlier in the year but wasn't able to get it organised so when we saw that Segway tours were available in Lyon we put them right at the top of our to-do list.

With a bit of help from the tourist office we managed to find a company offering tours on our first day and were able to book a tour for 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon (20th September).

When we arrived we found our guide (Andrew) getting our Segways ready. He introduced himself and then gave us and the one other person in our group some brief instructions on using the Segways. We had about 5 or 10 minutes to practice and then we were off through the city, navigating crossings and dodging pedestrians!

Luckily Segways are very easy to get the hang of and it didn't take long to feel confident on them. The main problem is their big tyres which you have to keep a close eye when approaching tight corners, as I discovered early on! I fell off once when one wheel clipped a kerb but other than that it was plain sailing!

It was a lovely sunny evening and we had lots of fun whizzing through the city along the cycle routes (Lyon has lots of these and they were perfect for Segways). Although our guide's english wasn't brilliant he still did a really good job of showing us around and sharing some facts about the city.

Towards the north of the city they have a tunnel through the hill for cars plus an extra one for electric buses, pedestrians and bikes. It's about 2 kilometres long and isn't your usual tunnel as it has moving images projected on the walls with bizarre sounds and music to accompany them. Speeding through it on the Segways was a really weird experience!

It was a brilliant evening and definitely a highlight of the trip, even though my feet were aching at the end from standing up for so long. I now really want to do it again so will definitely be looking for somewhere local.

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