Friday, 30 October 2015

# 29 Cook with figs

I have eaten figs before, mostly in the form of fig rolls, but I've never eaten or cooked with raw ones. To be honest I wan't even sure which bit you actually ate. Just the inside like a passion fruit? The whole thing?

The September issue of delicious magazine had a fresh fig tart by Rick Stein which looked lovely so I took a quick trip to the local market to stock up.

One thing's for sure, figs are very photogenic!

The tart wasn't too hard to assemble. Even the pastry didn't give me too much trouble and the mascarpone filling just took a few minutes to mix together.

The end result looked pretty good and everyone said they liked it for the most part. Except for the figs. Oh well! I thought they were ok, although the slightly crunchy texture from the seeds was a bit strange. As a whole it was a lovely tart though and I'd like to try the honey and mascarpone filling with a different fruit. I'll definitely give figs another try too, maybe in something savoury next time.

You can find the recipe for Rick Stein's Dalmatian Fresh Fig Tart here.

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